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  • "Strength wasn‘t about being able to do everything alone. Strength was knowing when to ask for help and not being too proud to do it."
    ― Karen Marie Moning (via psych-quotes)

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    "Do you know what we call opinion in the absence of evidence? We call it prejudice."
    ― Michael Crichton (via psych-quotes)

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[Image: Facebook post by “Activists around the world for Palestine”.]
If anyone is talking to anyone from Gaza tell them to turn their locators and geographic coordinates OFF. Israel is targeting people who are reporting.”




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    • Jacob was a cheater;
    • Peter had a temper;
    • David had an affair;
    • Noah got drunk;
    • Jonah ran away from God;
    • Paul was a murderer;
    • Gideon was insecure;
    • Miriam was gossiper;
    • Martha was a nerve wreck;
    • Thomas was a doubter;
    • Sarah was impatient;
    • Elijah was depressed;
    • Moses stuttered;
    • Zaccheus was short;
    • Abraham was old and
    • Lazarus was dead.
    • God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

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    lollipops are so weird youre literally swallowing your own flavored saliva

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    it’s so weird how grapes don’t really taste like anything on the outside. like if you just put a grape in your mouth it doesn’t have a taste. but then you bite down and you’re like whoa. that’s a grape

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    do you ever just get

    viciously jealous

    about people



    that’s my friend


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this is possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen


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